Your Platform  is coming soon! Beta Version will be launched in February 1st week.

What is Coming !

  • Multi Vendor

  • Direct Selling

  • Utility Service

2M Group has set all its constituents on launching preparation of  the Shop 2M platform when prelaunch period gets over and our Prosumers meet their most awaited platform & wide range of products & services.t.

2020 Agenda 500+ Distribution Points ! Advancements are evident to be witnessed in the year 2020 and we are about to take mega leaps in the year. 10 Lacs+ Prosumer Network A larger spectrum of prosumer base are already on board and we are going to make it wider & larger this year.

About Shop 2M

Developing an iconic digital-infrastructural entity that creates an altogether new definition of e-commerce industry standards, Suppliers, Merchants, Distributors, Manufacturers , Consumers & Marketers strive to elevate the outcomes for of products/services thus transforming them into high-flying prime landmarks.

SHOP 2M concept absorbs most e-Commerce challenges before they even appear..It is a futuristic market place that stands out from competitors because of its loyal cosier base & steady consumption trends.

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